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The pro's of being active on the community

Discussion in 'Community' started by rawstring, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. rawstring

    rawstring Staff Member

    Apr 4, 2013
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    Hello everyone. I know some of you won't read this thread to the end, and some others will just read and ignore, but, here I go anyway. This might encourage people to do the same.

    When I first came to this community, I was pretty unknown to Linux. Have used Backtrack back in the day to hack WiFi keys but, that's about it. A few years ago I've started PenTesting and developed the love for it and IT in general. Learned a couple basic tricks by myself but never nothing much. And then, something happened, Kali Linux was born, and with it, my opportunity to participate in it from the very beginning. And so I found this community, fresh started.
    I've started to use Kali as HostOS, was googling a lot about Debian and Linux. Some of the doubts first posted here, were easy to fix since only required people to google and find it. So, was easy for me to research a little and elaborate a tutorial on how to fix the problem. As my path continue to go forward, so was my knowledge about Kali and Linux in general. I've learned as I teached.
    It didn't pass much time until I became good at this, and as a result, I decided to initiate a new path, programming. I've chosen a Linux language BASH. And attempted to make my first application, KAAIS - Kali Linux Automatic Installation Script. The 1st version was quite simple, the 2nd included more options, and the 3rd with way more features. New features, means more knowledge and more time to read and research and study.
    Kept helping the community, kept making automated fixes for some problems. More knowledge came. After a while, I became known by some groups and other communities.
    With all this, I became a good Moderator and Helper to everyone. Earning the respect of some good fellows around the world. Made many friends, followers and have many idols. This was only possible because everyone I ever helped, tried their best to help me back giving me accurate information for me to work with. Each one I've helped thanked me and left cool encouraging messages. All this made me what I am today.
    So here is my lesson to you. Be smart, be friendly, be humble, and love what you do. That is the only way you will ever achiev something or get somewhere.
    Thank you all for your support. And for the help you gave me when I needed.
    Take this thread as an encouraging and inspiring one.

    Post your experience if you want, let's all know how others feel.

    Love you all and remember, Hack to LEARN, and not the other way around.

    rawstring @ en0xCr3w
  2. #KILLC0D3

    #KILLC0D3 New Member

    Feb 6, 2014
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    really inspired :) thank u
  3. bokepfr

    bokepfr Member

    Mar 14, 2018
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